G-Star is re-vamping their women’s line and their summer ’17 collection is one of their best ever. I had the chance to check out their newest items at their press preview event here in New York, and I loved – totally!

“As part of G-Star’s dedication to jeans and denim craftsmanship, Summer ’17 comes with fresh takes on classics, giving traditional techniques and motifs a forward-looking twist.

Denim reworked
This season, G-Star RAW comes with studied and redefined translations of traditional hand-made finishes and washes. The brand reinterprets time-honoring approaches to restore and recover denim and applies them in new, advanced executions. By taking inspiration from 1960s motocross pants, worn out and carefully repaired, G-Star designers channel that same aesthetic and team the traditional techniques with subtler, more sophisticated and tailored finishes. This approach is also implemented in summery quilted denim styles and an unconventional version of the classic Arc jeans.

White Denim
The sunny season is directly reflected in countless shades of white denim, a summer interpretation of restored workwear. The finishes and restoration details insure a subtle effect on the treatments, which blend seamlessly with the light denim base.

For menswear, iconic camo patterns make their way back this season in an unexpected mix: a combination of camouflage shapes on denim textures. Classic G-Star designs come in tough and progressive camo silhouettes executed in indigo and earthly colors. The idea of subverting camouflages is also carried through to womenswear, where light garments feature sleek and bold shapes. The result: lunar-inspired and suave shadows that add sophistication to the unorthodox interpretation of the women’s camo.

You can shop for their newest collection on their website as well as at any of their stores worldwide, or at Revolve.

Looks 17-2 pre

Looks 17-2 pre