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Gigi Hadid in White Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Gigi Hadid in White Citizens of Humanity Jeans

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I see. Gigi Hadid now also belongs to the matchy-matchy fan club. Following in her sister’s, Bella, footsteps, Gigi was wearing an all white and blue outfit including matching blue sunglasses. No problem, if they are all happy. And this outfit actually looks cute and very summer-like on Gigi.

She wore a pair of the Citizens of Humanity Liya jeans, the Classic High Rise in White Noise, which are available here. They are exactly like I love my white jeans to be: 100% cotton (= non transparent), and not to skinny tight fitting Рthey are a straight leg style.

Check out more Citizens of Humanity whites here.

You can also buy white jeans at Revolve and at Lord & Taylor – their denim department has become quite impressive!

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  1. The jeans fit well from the front. We aren’t seeing how they look in the body or from the back. I like the proportions of the outfit.

    • PS. I went to the web site to look a the white Liya jeans. Zoomed the pictures in. The model is wearing the smallest size that could work. From the back, we can see the denim hugging and folding up and under her butt cheek. In front, we see fabric already bunching in the front of the body/crotch and knees. 100% cotton no stretch. If the model wore these a lot for all day long wear, I wonder how they would look. Would they have nice drape? Would they look bagged out and grungy? I would love to see a reviewer wear these all day every day for a month, including sitting at a desk 50 hours a week, sitting on the floor, washing, line drying, etc. And show how they look. The back pockets look like they are well placed and the right size. How about some reports about what life is like with these jeans?
      BTW DL1961 sent out a very persuasive email blast today for fathers day.
      “Get him something he will wear for the next 10 years.” I had to click on that!!!
      Very nicely presented, great looking jeans. This is a great look for both men and women. When was the last time you heard a woman say she still loved a pair of jeans after a few months? DL is not a favorite brand for me but I have one pair of Riley jeans that has gotten better with age and frequent wear. Their stretch denim does not stretch in 360 degrees, except their amanda jeans which I believe are now sold out. The ones I have were called stretch, but did not stretch. They have aged well. Bagged out and ripped in the right ways. Might be worth a look.

        • I suggested a month of daily wear to simulate what a year of wear would be. I think many consumers are tired of looking high and low for great jeans, paying hundreds, and realizing that they won’t hold up after the first hours or days of wear. The DL ad suggesting 10 years of wear is very appealing and I may have my old Riley jeans that long, if I keep up with repairs. Their marketing of durablity, father’s day edit and Riley jeans are on the right track. So were their amanda skinny jeans, for figures that fit well with the DL body, because the fabric actually had 360 degree stretch and a nice dark wash. I didn’t keep them because I have more of a Frame shape (narrow hips round seat) than a DL shape (wide hips, flat seat). I’m delighted to see a denim maker mention durablity. We all want jeans that we love to last forever.

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