white hi-rise jeans

Gigi Hadid, followed by mom Yolanda, was spotted out in New York City in a pair of “detachable” white jeans from Y/Project. Meaning that you can unbutton the jeans so that they become regular shorts. Cool or “so what”?

I just recently posted about these jeans here, and it seems that they are actually a huge success, as the white and light blue version of them is sold out everywhere, but don’t despair, there are still some blacks available at Forward by Elyse Walker.

Gigi wore these straight leg and over-long jeans in a funny way: she tied the shoe-straps of a pair of Aquazzura Heartbreaker Pumps around the end of the jeans. This is one of the very few times where I definitely hate one of Gigi’s looks.

So, to make it easier for you, you can buy some very reasonably priced white jeans at Revolve and at Bloomingdale’s, and some equally good priced white denim shorts here. That should solve your problem of white jeans/shorts without looking too weird!


detachable jeans


  1. Don’t know why but looking at the picture immediately reminded me of Manolo Blahnik’s denim boots worn by Rihanna but in white. I agree this is not a good look on her, it doesn’t flaunt her lovely figure. Of course she can pull it off, she is young and beautiful and probably just needs to publicize them. However the total look shoe straps wrapped around her calves is not a good look.

  2. The fit of the tee and the jeans are ideal except she’s wearing them too short in the crotch. (WHY?) I hate the heels. The detachable aspect of the jeans is LAME, vulgar, slutty looking. She should ask the designer for a pair of these minus break away and minus the silly gather at the ankle because the basic cut of these jeans is great. Mom needs to size up in those pleated pants! And re-think the slant pockets.

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