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Gigi Hadid Wearing a Kreist Two-Tone Denim Jacket

Gigi Hadid Wearing a Kreist Two-Tone Denim Jacket

Well – here we go with another of Gigi Hadid’s famous denim creations. This time she chose to wear (or her stylist told her to wear) a denim jacket from Polish brand Kreist.

This comes as no surprise, as Eastern influence has been heavy-hitting in the last year, with international fashion weeks such as Kiev and Tbilisi garnering mainstream recognition, and big name players like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Balenciaga creative director, Demna Gvalsia, taking fashion’s center stage.

The jacket is in a light blue wash, featuring triangle designs on the sleeves and contrast stitching. The sleeves are inspired by traditional Eastern European dress attire worn in the former Soviet bloc. But I think that uber-sized bell sleeves are rather a nuisance. Think about it – they’ll always be in the way whatever you try to do with your hands, hold on to the pole in the subway train, or try to find your lipstick inside your mega-purse…!

Gigi wore her jacket with pair of extremely wide-leg Stella McCartney Cicely Pants and completed her look with a pair of Alexander Wang Jaelle Mules.

It’s a great look for Gigi, but I doubt it is do-able for just anyone.

AND – Gigi please, we love you but we hate this attitude of having another person carrying an umbrella for you. ;-(

You can buy different kinds of denim jackets, that are not your regular Trucker’s, from Rebecca Taylor, Marques Almeida, and Missguided.

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