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This time, either Gigi was on her way to go horse-riding, or else she was totally off the mark in her outfit during a beautiful summer day in New York City – not that we have had much of those lately, SIGH.

She was dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans tucked into a pair of riding boots complete with spurs and a light grey clinging top with long sleeves from Rails. AND she still added a bright orange Holzweiler Hangon Hoodie.

But apart from not being dressed “seasonal appropriate”, Gig looked as stunning and awesome as always.

You can buy similar skinny mid-rise jeans in a medium blue wash here and here.

mid-rise jeans


  1. She looks perfect in this outfit. The wash of these jeans is not good. The faux fade up the leg, halo effect at the seat (visible from the side) and typical no vertical stretch fabric (which causes extra ripples) do her no favors. The white top and the orange hoodie are ideal. The jeans are exactly the right size, rather than denim as girdle. This is not a look for people who don’t love their mid section and lower body. There is no way to wear skinny jeans without making the area from the waist to the ankle the focus of the outfit. If that area isn’t your best feature, or you don’t feel like putting it all out there, this look would be cuter with a pair of boyfriend jeans and the look would be more at ease.

  2. So some people like Gaia think all jeans should be a flat wash or raw. These jeans have a BEAUTIFUL wash! How boring it would be if they all looked the same…

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