ripped jeans

Hilary Duff was walking her adorable little pooch in New York City, wearing pair of very trashed jeans pair with -ugh – UGG(ly) boots. Blah.

The jeans are a pair of the Grlfrnd high waisted Karolina jeans and are pretty cool. They actually come without any butt rips, but I suppose that Hilary wanted to make up for her ugg-ly boots (and so 3 years ago boots) by giving us a glimpse of her …well!!

It’s in the middle of summer here in NYC, and there’s absolutely no need for you to wear anything like furry boots. Do some cute and eye-catching flats, or sandals – Birkenstocks are so back! And definitely don your latest pair of white sneakers, but ditch anything featuring fur or fuzz!

You can buy Grlfrnd jeans at Farfetch, Barney’s. and at Forward by Elyse Walker.

butt-rip jeans


  1. The rip in the back is not great styling but it’s at a place where short shorts end, so still acceptable. Not a very flattering pair of jeans.

    • PS. I take back what I said about these not being flattering jeans. I didn’t notice that this was Hillary Duff. She’s not slim. These are very good jeans (if you don’t slice them in the back.)

      • Also she is wearing the right size. These are way better than the cropped skinny jeans we usually see her in. The slice under the seat invites scrutiny, which is not a good thing.

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