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How to Reuse Your Old Jeans – Some Cool Ideas

How to Reuse Your Old Jeans – Some Cool Ideas

Ever had a pair of jeans that are old and simply no longer wearable? But parting with them is just too much to bear?

Jeans are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, and people have favorite pairs of jeans because they fit just right. So when that favorite pair wears out, rather than get rid of it, you can come up with some creative ways to keep those jeans in use. Below are some different do-it-yourself ideas for your worn-out jeans.

Utility Belt
This utility belt was made by cutting off the pockets and belt loops from a pair of jeans and reattaching them to a section of denim.

What you need: The pocket from a pair of jeans, a piece of scrap jeans, chipboard, embellishments, and a binding machine. The pocket on the front makes a great pen holder!

Snack Bag
The snack bag was made from a leg of a pair of jean. The strap was fashioned from a leather belt that was coming apart and couldn’t be repaired.

Denim Basket
For this project, you will need to cut your jeans into strips 1-inch wide and sew them end-to-end to create ribbons. You will need 20 ribbons to make this basket. This project can also be time consuming, but well worth it.

Denim Place Mat
For the place mat, You have the option of either sewing it or using no-sew fabric adhesive. The pocket for the napkin and silverware is from a pair of kid’s jeans, but the place mat itself is from a pair of adult jeans. Making the place mat a little bigger than a traditional mat is recommended since a pocket for silverware is included.

Tablecloth Pockets
Picnics are great, but space is usually at a premium on the table. Putting pockets on the tablecloth keeps the utensils together and saves tabletop space. Cut the pockets out of the jeans, including where they are attached to the jeans, and sew them onto a cloth tablecloth.

Wine Gift Bags
If you need a bag to give away a bottle of wine as a gift, jeans make a really cute bag with very little work. We recommend using skinny jeans and cut the legs off at 15 inches. Seam the raw edge with a 1-inch seam and turn the bag right-side out. Once the wine is in the bag, the bag can be tied off with ribbon and embellished with flowers or bows.

Mini Buckets
The mini buckets can be made with the legs of recycled jeans, needle and thread, and some embellishments.