black skinny jeans

Beautiful Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing two different denim outfits as she was out in LA this past week.

We are taking this opportunity to show how an outfit can really make a difference in how you project yourself. Not that you didn’t know about it already, but this is just too good an example to let it pass!

What we mean is look how svelte and sexy Jennifer looks in her skinny black jeans (above) which she had paired with a fitted white rib tank.

And look how adorable tomboyish she looks in her ripped boyfriend jean (below) in a cropped and looser fitting white t-shirt.

We do love her in both outfit and would have a hard time deciding which one fits her better. Both ensemble clearly reflect the mood Jennifer was in when she chose her clothes. And we love a sexy and stunning Jennifer as much as a playful, tomboyish looking one.

What is your take on this?

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