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Johnny Depp Wearing Fabric Brand Jeans

Johnny Depp Wearing Fabric Brand Jeans

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By now most of you guys probably have heard about Johnny Depp’s controversial political upheaval he had caused at the Glastonbury Festival a couple of days ago.

Well, we’re into denim and not into politics – we discuss denim and refrain from discussing politics, to make it very clear! {but Johnny def had something to say, even though we don’t agree with the way he said it!}, So let’s instead pay (a lot of) attention to the fabulous jeans Johnny was wearing.

His jeans are a pair of selvedge jeans from Fabric Brand, the Beta jean. Strong blue with brown-tinted fading through the legs and around back pockets, the Beta has an earthly worn, durable feel. They are a truly amazing pair of rigid 100% cotton jeans, perfect for the denimheads among you guys.

You can shop for Fabric Brand denim at East Dane, Mr. Porter, and at Stylebop.

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