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Justin Theroux Wearing White Jeans

Justin Theroux Wearing White Jeans

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White jeans are a smart style move in theory, but not always the easiest to pull off. They can make big thighs look even bigger. They’re hard to miss no matter what you wear them with. And then there’s the tricky business of styling them. If you’ve been turned off by white jeans for these reasons, you might want to try this trick: Look for jeans in not-quite-white shades for a quieter, more flattering effect.

Justin Theroux demonstrated the move in NYC, wearing white jeans and a white t-shirt while biking around Manhattan.

If you look closely, you’ll notice there’s a difference between the color of his tee and jeans. There are about a hundred different shades of white – some are warm, some are cool, some are bright – and they each has a slightly different feel. Well, Justin Theroux’s here are a couple of shades off from the bright white of his t-shirt.

The solution is for you to opt for off-white jeans. Besides being more flattering and less attention-grabbing, off-white jeans also feel more at home in grittier environments. Bright white works when you’re on a yacht in Capri, but it can feel way too pristine when you’re on a bike in Manhattan.

When shopping for these jeans, look for descriptors like “bone,” “stone,” “vanilla,” “off-white,” or “nude,” and pass on “optic white,” “bright white,” or “blazing white,” which are those blinding hues you want to avoid. Or, just use your eyes. Do the jeans look duller than a sheet of paper? You’re in the right zone. Are they brighter than your teeth? Back away slowly.

Here, a few not-quite-white jeans to get you started:

Levi’s® Made & Crafted slim-fit jeans in Nude, J Brand Tyler jeans in Margoris, 7 For All Mankind Bone White slim-fit jeans, and Freemans Sporting Club Off-White selvedge jeans.


  1. A nice break from all the faux faded contrived blue jeans out there. I like the desert boots. I’d like these jeans better if they weren’t quite so tight looking. I’m amazed he can ride his bike. Denim really rumples and bags with physical activity. Keeping the cut easy and simple works best with denim that will change shape. It also looks more nonchalant.

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