Kendall Jenner is a trendsetter, and recently, it seems like she’s feeling ’80s fashion. Between her fishnet tights and slouchy jeans, she’s paying homage to the decade more than most people.

While out in New York City, Kendall was once again spotted in an ’80s-meets-’90s attire, wearing a Chanel waist bag (aka the fanny pack) with a pair of mom’s jeans, Adidas Raf Simons Spirit High Canvas Sneakers, and a fitted floral long sleeve top, the Eckhaus Latta Lapped Baby Floral Turtleneck. Wait! Are we having a fanny pack come-back?!

Her jeans are from Monse, the Wrap Waist jeans, they look like as if the ever so long button-fly is kind of crooked…. just my 2 cents LOL!

The jeans are available on pre-order for a mere $790 at Nordstrom. Baggy with tapered legs and cropped, well, if you have a super model bod, go for it! 😉

Is it me, or is it really happening – I feel that lately there is a contest between denim brands going on … who produces the weirdest jeans?!


  1. This is a big step up from her usual. I like the simplicity of the outfit. But, the jeans are unflattering due to the poor tailoring and the faux fades, which add bulk and a tacky look. This silhouette works best with fabric that drapes and holds it’s shape.
    The lips are awful. I hope they aren’t permantent.
    This belt bag is tacky, but there are modern versions that look good from Matt & Nat. I usually don’t want to wear a belt, but a belt bag is a nice alternative to a cross body bag during an outing, but not as versatle or easily removed.

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