curvy jeans

Khloe Kardashian was out and about in Beverly Hills showing off her signature curves in a skin tight pair of cropped jeans from her line, Good American. They are the Good Legs Crop Split Hem jeans and come in two different washes, one in a lighter and one in a darker wash.

She wore her jeans very casually, paired with a burgundy bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe and a pair of those famous-all-over-the-world Brazilian Havaianas flip flops. To finish off her look, she carried a turquoise Hermes Birkin bag in her hand.

You can buy Good American jeans here, and similar cropped skinnies with frayed hems like Khloe is wearing, here.

frayed hem jeans


  1. I really like this model especially the detail at the bottom as a bit different from many I have seen lately. Love how they fit, very painted on. Not really a fan of her derrière, but then again like you rightfully said these are her “signature” curves. If she happy to flaunt them, well then good for her.
    BTW… she is not wearing Havaianas…. she is wearing Tkees.

  2. you’re right, now that you said it, I can see the inside of the soles and they are in fact Tkees, thanks for the update:-)

  3. Please don’t get me wrong we are all entitled to have our own opinions but why do they need to be so harshly said? I could be wrong but I sense way too much bitterness and anger, which I don’t find right. But then again it could just be my feeling.

  4. Funny because her name in italian means joyful. (I am italian and I live in Europe). Lana is right, it’s not a matter of being a fan or not, I do not see why anyone should be so gratuitously offensive. I also do not find it fair to Lisette who is doing a great job in finding the latest trends and sharing them with all of us.

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