lace-up jeans

Kylie Jenner was spotted out in Los Angeles wearing a pair of distressed and ripped cropped jeans.

She was definitely calling attention to her (new?) oversized boobs in a clinging nude bodysuit over which she had layered what seems to be the sleeves of an almost totally cut-off sweatshirt. Um, at least, at the front. But there is still some back detail left of that sweatshirt. Could be a new Vetement creation, or maybe just an attention calling attempt of a a butchered DIY by Kylie.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am all for different, and eye-catching, and definitely innovating stuff. But please give me a break from all those Jenner/Kardash/Hadid’s trying too hard!

You can buy ripped and distressed jeans here and here. And you can also find some cute bodysuits here and here.

cropped jeans