vegan leather

Brazilian Victoria Secret model, Lais Ribeiro, was spotted out in New York City, wearing one of my most favorite vegan leather jackets from BLANKNYC – it’s just too cool for school with the kind of athletic red and white striped band at the waist! And I am totally obsessed with all the details of an edgy biker jacket: long zippers at the arms, epaulettes on the shoulders, tons of zippers, and belt loops on the waistband at the back.

Lais paired her jacket with a very fashionable pair of dark blue hi-rise jeans with straight legs and super wide cuffs, a red cropped top, and a pair of white leather sneakers.

You can buy this insane jacket on the BLANKNYC website. And while you are browsing there, check out their other equally rad jackets here.


  1. She looks nice. The jacket is cute. Love the color combo. If you hadn’t told me she was a model, I would have taken her for just another chunky college student. The tacky whiskers and faux fade of her jeans must be working against her. The jeans have no bulk in the thigh, so they must be stretch denim. Something is wrong with this picture, not sure if she’s unusually heavy for a model or if it’s the jeans. Either way, I bet this outfit is not looking good from the back. Nothing says look at my butt like a short jacket.

    • Gaia, we all know by now that you hate faux fades, that you need vertical stretch, and that you hate leather.
      Please try to be positive in your comments – we really appreciate your comments, but we are so tired of all the negative repetitions.

  2. Wow! So negative!

    Please refrain from commenting unless it’s on rinse or raw jeans and PU Jackets Gaia! ?

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