Well, let’s put it this way – if it wasn’t Mariah Carey and I would see any woman dressed like this on the street, I would so totally think it’s pretty awful!

But being a superstar, I guess Mariah will get away with this look that doesn’t fit her at all. The jeans are too tight and to low rise, camel-toe and unwelcome folding around the crotch area. The knee rip on the leg is actually below the knee, which makes the jeans look out of proportion. Especially, since Mariah also tucked them into a pair of impossible high heel studded open-toe booties. The whole outfit – on Mariah – screams, well…. do I need to spell it out … ?!

And pairing super tight jeans with anything cropped, like Mariah’s leather jacket, is an absolute no-no unless you are a Gigi or Bella, or Alessandra – you get the idea!

Now, the jeans themselves, if worn by the right person and in the right size, are pretty cool. I like the wash and the distressing, and I am also kind of in the mood for some low-rise again.

You can buy similar low rise jeans at Nordstrom and at Shopbop.


  1. Those jeans would be so cute if she just went up one size. The shoes are very cute on the other her hand.

  2. Very few people could pull off this outfit, even if it fit, and Cary certainly can’t. Each piece is being sold to women as intrinsically sexy, even though none of these pieces are flattering. The combination is an eyesore. Her friend has the same issues, but isn’t as loud about it. It’s possible to look good while this junky, but not in these sausage casings.

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