Whoa – who would have guessed – Prime Haute Couture House, Oscar de la Renta, dabbling in denim! 😉

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia booked a seventh-floor roof garden at Rockefeller Center in New York City for their Oscar de la Renta Resort 2017/2018 presentation.

The collection suited its environs, what with its palette of citrus-y orange and palm green and the tropical prints and jacquards found on day and evening dresses. Optimism is baked into the Oscar ethos.

Garcia said they thought the late designer would approve of the playful monkey who sipped champagne on the back of an embroidered jean jacket. The denim was a definite first chez de la Renta. If the couture-ish jean jackets seemed like a leap (indeed, a very playful one), the square-cut, full-legged jeans in a faded blue wash, or in white, were utterly in keeping with the brand’s signature silhouette.


  1. I love the long sleeved black top in the third picture. The orange jacket is great on someone who can wear that color. The cut is flattering and distinctive. I would expect the white denim jacket to look great, but I can’t really see it in the picture.

    The faux fades on the denim are a tired and clownish fad. The sidewalk sweeping length is unsanitary and poor tailoring. I’m surprised to see something so unoriginal from Oscar de la Renta, where it has always been job #1 to be flattering and dignified.

    I can’t really see the giant white jeans with these blurred images. They might look good hemmed, or they might add stiff bulk from the waist down. Depends on drape and tailoring.

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