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I guess I will have to start a weekly column called “weird jean of the week” or something like that soon LOL!

What do you think of this newest creation from New York based brand R13?

Is it a skirt? Or maybe two pants layered one on top of the other, with the upper layered jean having an undone inside hem? Or would you rather call it a double-jean?

At any rate, this unique creation is not yet available, but if you are ready to spend $795 just because, then you can pre order it at Barney’s right now.

But what the heck – I am kind of having fun seeing to what end brands are determined to go just to call attention, cause I can’t imagine they’re going to sell too many of those weirdos LOL! Or will they……?

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  1. I love the tee shirt.

    The skants suffer from the same stupid design flaws that the market is flooded with right now: halo butt, tiny high back pockets, short fly, whiskers, thigh highlights, etc, and they look extremely contrived. Most people will look bowlegged in these.

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