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Rihanna cheered on the Cleveland Cavaliers and her favorite player, LeBron James, during Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, California.

She was dressed in an all black double denim outfit consisting of a pair of black skinny jeans from Citizens of Humanity and an oversized black denim jacket from her “pet” designer, Matthew Adams Dolan. Her jeans are a low rise super skinny style, the Avedon Ultra Skinny in Axel, made of the CoH’s siganture stretch denim.

Rihanna accessorized her ensemble with a pair of Balenciaga Knife Ankle Boots and a Maison Margiela Transparent High-Waisted Belt.

You can shop for Citizens of Humanity jeans here and here.

low rise jeans


  1. We can’t really see the jeans in these pix. Obviously, she’s been sitting and they bagged out at the knee, which is normal. The boots are painful to look at. I like black denim. I like the volume of the jacket, but it has the same issue as the blue twin of the jacket that she wore in a recent post. Way too low cut. The outfit is very contrived. Other people went to the game to have fun. Looks like she went there to pose. The fake nails are tacky.
    On the other hand, this is the best haircut I have ever seen on her and her makeup is perfect.
    Her friend in the army shirt and ripped knee skinnies is wearing exactly the wrong thing. The shirt makes her look matronly, the skinny jeans are TMI about her size, even sitting down, and she’s teetering on a pair of little high heels, exaggerating her size even more. A pair of pants with drape and not much volume, with a pair of cute, comfy sandals, and a nice roomy denim jacket over a not tight shell would have been cute.

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