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Trending Right Now – White Jeans for Summer

Trending Right Now – White Jeans for Summer

When buying white jeans you need to try them on in front of the biggest available mirror, preferably a front and back mirror to make sure they are not see-through. White see-through jeans not only look cheap and cheesy, but they also will make you feel quite self-conscious. AND they show every bulge you might have on your legs, especially on the back.

We picked out a selection here for you – based on the descriptions of the respective sites, they should be meeting the no-see-through criteria, but still, you never now, right! Best to try them on and judge for yourself. And also, you are always safer with a less skinny and clinging style, unless the jeans are heavy-weight and rigid. Then there is absolutely no chance of exposing unwanted body-details! 😉

white rigid jeans
RAEY Press straight-leg jeans 100% cotton
distressed white jeans
DL1961 Jackie Trimtrone Cropped Flare cotton blend
white boyfriend jeans
AG Ex-Boyfriend
rigid jeans
Levi’s White Tumble 501 CT Ripped Jean 100% cotton

A staple for me, been wearing them with and without distressing since for-ever, sturdy, heavier weight and totally easy to care for, get a size bigger, to avoid shrinking, so you can wash them in hot water and they become spotless again.

white jeans women
THE ROW Ashland jeans

These looks especially good in the back, being that they are not clingy and heavy-weight

cropped white jeans
RAG & BONE Marilyn cropped high-rise flared jeans
white distressed jeans
7 for All Mankind Josefina’ Boyfriend Jeans

These I can vouch for – totally cool, not transparent, and super edgy. I got my first pair of the exact same jeans like 3 or 4 years ago and they’re still good, not yellow or grey-ish, love them to death!

knee rip jeans
Free People Lacey Stilt Embellished Skinny Jeans

They have only 2% elastane which makes them pretty comfy but without being too stretchy