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Vitruvian Apparel Launches Men’s Denim For Athletic Muscular Legs

Vitruvian Apparel Launches Men’s Denim For Athletic Muscular Legs

Last week, Vitruvian Apparel, a new start-up clothing company which focuses on clothing with an athletic fit, has launched their denim jeans made for men with muscular, athletic legs. No more up-sizing jean sizes to fit your legs only to have it fit awkwardly big around the waist.

Vitruvian Apparel is launched by two brothers who have been going to the gym for over 5 years. They came up with Vitruvian Apparel after wasting countless hours trying on new jeans only to have them fit way too small or too big around the waist.

Vitruvian Denim is especially made for those with bigger legs then normal, and have worked hard for a smaller waist size. Vitruvian denim is made to order true to your waist size without having to worry about it being too tight on the legs. They are
also nicely tapered to the calves to give a muscular look and are stylish and modern. The denim fabric is made with the highest quality in mind and are individually appraised to meet all expectations.

Vitruvian Apparel is starting only on Kickstarter for their pre orders and they do so with two models, a regular and distressed model. The first 250 pairs will have a 30% discount off retail. Vitruvian already has plans on expanding to more sizes, fabrics, models and other types of clothing such as shorts and t-shirts.

“The options are endless, fashion brands are lacking in athletic fit nowadays. Me and my brother have too much trouble fin
ding decent fitted clothes and when we find some, it almost seems like we’re lucky,” says co-owner Ashwin Wullems.

Vitruvian has partnered with reputable manufacturers in Turkey for their denim jeans and is ready to launch its denim to the world.

Kickstarter offers a risk free environment for the customer while giving the opportunity for new companies to launch their ideas. To fit everyone’s needs, they are also offering 5 and 25 euro options to help out. Vitruvian denim is available for pre-order on Kickstarter from €79.00 for early birds and runs until the 22nd of June.


  1. Great concept. Well cut. The halo at the seat and the highlights on the legs look contrived and they are an old trend that tries too hard. I would like to see these jeans without faux fade. Solid washed indigo, solid washed chambray, solid washed red, solid white, solid washed olive would all look much better.

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