For the first time, BOOKNITURE has applied Kaihara’s signature 10 ounce heavyweight selvedge denim onto furniture. Since 1893, Kaihara Denim has manufactured the best quality denim fabrics in japan to leading fashion brands. The selvedge edition embeds the elements of jeans, including the iconic red line edge with the end trimming on the design as well as the hand sewing felt top.

Who doesn’t know it yet, Bookniture is all about furniture hidden in a book! Awesome, right!

denim stool

BOOKNITURE can be used as a stool, a foot rest, a nightstand, and much more!

The selvedge edition comes with kaihara selvedge denim and a grey double sided felt top

denim book

A lightweight and portable furniture hidden in a book

Elements of jeans are embedded in the BOOKNITURE product including the end trimming on the design

The selvedge edition includes the iconic red line edge and the hand sewing felt top