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Cara Delevingne in Black Knee Rip Skinny Jeans

Cara Delevingne in Black Knee Rip Skinny Jeans

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Cara Delevingne was having a tough time with the paparazzi it seems!

The model had just stepped off the Eurostar after a trip to Paris when a member of her entourage had an altercation with a photographer.

She was escorted outside to her waiting car by police while her friend and the photographer were held back and made to give statements.

Let’s hope Cara shrugged off the incident and said: “C’est la vie.”

For this “event” Cara sported a pair of black super skinny jeans with big knee rips, and oversized graphic t-shirt and a colorful bomber jacket. She added a pair of super cool sunglasses from Prive Revaux, the Producer Sunglasses – oh man, you gotta check these out! They are the radest sunnies around and for under $40!$! And they all have polarized glasses! I finally discovered the name of this brand, as I have seen their sunglasses on so many other celebrities already! Check them out here.

And if you’re looking for black skinnies with some distressing and rip, you can find them here and here.

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  1. I would love to know where she got that colorful bomber but I feel like it’s completely out of my price range.

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