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Gigi Hadid in Cropped RE/DONE Patchwork Jeans

Gigi Hadid in Cropped RE/DONE Patchwork Jeans

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Gigi Hadid was out in New York City wearing the latest edition of a pair of RE/DONE jeans. They’re the seamed high rise partial bleach. As you can see in the image below, RE/DONE here is “playing” with bleach and shadow effects, like the back pockets of the jeans – oh, excusez-moi, there are no pack-pockets – interesting, right!

And to “top off” (no pun!) her incredible cool jeans, she’s wearing two tank tops at once…and making it look really cool.

micro-flare jeans

Notice how Gigi played around with strap thickness and tank style. The white underneath top is a racer-back with moderately thick straps while the one over top is a square cut with super thin straps. Attention to details like these are imperative if you want to pull this look off.

Gigi also keeps showing us over and over now that the next (or already RN) trend is white booties to substitute our beloved white sneakers (?). She’s sporting here a pair of Stella Luna Zipper Booties.

Gigi’s exact jeans aren’t even out yet, but you can buy the same jeans in a darker wash here. Check out some other RE/DONE styles here and here.

Oh, and if you love Gigi’s sunglasses, they are from my Austrian landsman, Andy Wolf. Ja, I am actually a native Austrian even though I consider myself a world citizen LOL! Auf Wiedersehen!!!

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