Home Celebrity Denim Hailey Baldwin in RE/DONE Levi’s Hi-Rise Jeans

Hailey Baldwin in RE/DONE Levi’s Hi-Rise Jeans

Hailey Baldwin in RE/DONE Levi’s Hi-Rise Jeans

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So this time Hailey Baldwin was out in New York City wearing a pair of really, really cool jeans from RE/DONE, but she definitely missed it with her white – looking like a pajama top – shirt. Yeah, it’s from the Supreme X Louis Vuitton much talked about collaboration, that only celebrities like her, Bieber, Hadid’s, and the likes, got to wear anyway. And Hailey’s bright red shoulder bag is from the same collab.

Last I heard was that Louis Vuitton cancelled the whole collaboration thing, so don’t feel bad! I am so over these apparently cool brands like Supreme and LV and etc. doing collaborations that really ain’t either accessible or available for the “common” citizens.

But back to the jeans. They are a pair of reworked vintage Levi’s jeans, in a straight leg and super high waisted. Even though RE/DONE usually works with rigid, 100% cotton jeans, these exact jeans do have 1% of stretch which is totally acceptable. They’re far from being your regular stretchy skinnies and you don’t even notice that they do have some stretch. They just give a tiny little bit and therefore are extremely comfortable, maintaining the look of rigid jean.

You can shop for RE/DONE jeans at Barney’s, Shopbop, and at Totokaelo.