bleached jeans

Heidi Klum expressed her inner “rebel” in donning a pair of super, and by that I mean SUPER, low-rise jeans, while everybody else is in the middle of the higher-the-better- waisted jean craze.

Well, I love both, low- and hi-rise, and I find the common mid-rise quite a bit blah, boring….

Heidi’s jeans are a straight leg slouchy style in a super bleached wash with acid splatters, quite a cool and eye-catching different pair!

She wore them with the Taupe Distressed Hoodie from Unravel which has over-long sleeves and is frayed at the hems. The taupe wash is sold out, but you can buy this exact hoodie in nude on sale at Forward.

Heidi finished off her look with a pair of white Chanel Calfskin Sneakers and carried anΒ Alaia Laser Cut Tote Bag over her shoulder.

We have searched for some similar acid wash jeans and found a pair from Gucci, Dsquared2, and there are also some options available at ASOS.

low rise jeans


  1. Lord what’s up with her face she looks old in this photo she doesn’t look nothing like the supermodel Heidi k. Maybe it’s the camera ? angle I guess

    • Yeah, now that you said it – I was thinking exactly the same thing… she looks really tired and worn out.

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