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Lisette Loves: Parker Smith Girlfriend Jeans

Lisette Loves: Parker Smith Girlfriend Jeans

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If there is one thing I need in summer, it’s a pair of edgy, lighter-weight, and super comfortable pair of jeans. I don’t see why I should have to go with less edgy or cool, or even  -argh – frumpy and cheesy, just because it’s too hot to wear any “real” and heavy weight denim.

You all know how I feel about skinny stretchy spandex jeans, equaling jeggings, so these are not the slightest option for me. I’d rather wear my PJ’s than give up on style and coolness for my denim.

No problemo with these Parker Smith girlfriends. Made of 85% cotton, 14% polyester, and 1% spandex, they still feel like real denim, and are in a lighter weight. The two darts that you can see at the front pocket, help to achieve a slouchier and edgier look without having to resort to baggy and oversized. You get these jeans in your regular size and they will stretch a tiny bit when you wear them and become part of your body.

An inseam of 27″ guarantees the mandatory cropped style, and we would wear these jeans with some cool platform sneakers during the day and some funky block heels – quite trendy right now – at night. You can also add a cropped jacket to wear over a sexy bodysuit…. the options are endless!

You can buy the Parker Smith Stretch Roll Cuff Girlfriend Jeans at Nordstrom.

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