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Lottie Moss Wearing Fringe Denim Shorts

Lottie Moss Wearing Fringe Denim Shorts

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Lottie Moss was enjoying a beautiful summer day at the beach in Ibiza, Spain.

She wore a pair of bleached high waisted denim shorts with super long fringes over her bikini and sported a pair of fashionable round aviator sunglasses with a gold frame.

Ready-made denim shorts like these are hard to find, especially, since the style was quite popular last summer and is pretty sold out.

But you can still DIY by cutting off a pair of your old jeans at the knees and then snipping away, very easy! The fringes don’t need to be all the same, give them some “personality” by cutting them in different lengths and maybe in a hi-low way – longer in the back and shorter in front.

You can also buy denim bermudas, if you prefer, and just cut some fringes. Check out some cool and not too expensive styles here and here. We don’t want to go spending a lot of money for a denim “experiment”, right!?!

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