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The first Indian International Denim show by Denimsandjeans in India will be happening at Bangalore on September 25th and 26th. This show going to be even more interesting and informative:  the show’s organizers are bringing renowned international denim experts to share their knowledge of denim.

One of the presenters at the show will be Dr. Dilek Erik from Turkey, who with her 28 years of experience, is considered an expert in this field.

​​Dr Dilek is going to present her seminar on the topic: ​
‘Why should we use stretch denim in men’s fashion despite the rebirth of rigid look?’

She will try to focus on how rigid denim is making a comeback and why stretch denim is still being used in men’s fashion.

1. What are the latest denim trends in men’s fashion?
2. Why is it important to use stretch fabric?
3. How would you give your garment masculine look by using stretch fabric?

Dr. Dilek, a Management and Industrial Engineer, has been working in textile business for 28 years. After handling important portfolios at some of the top denim companies including Orta Anadolu, Bossa Denim, Martelli-Isko and Calik Denim, she started giving marketing consultancy to many denim companies since 2014. Currently she is working as a partner of Atkı Çözgü marketing and Production Company.

The First Indian Denim Show has now become one of the most awaited denim events as the world is looking towards the Indian Apparel Industry in the light of encouraging growth of the industry. Some of the recent developments include :

1. The apparel retail market of India is expected to touch USD 220 billion 2020. In 2016, 32 foreign fashion retailers set up online shops in India, while 22 chose the brick-and-mortar route.

2. What seems to be a positive indication for the Indian market, more than 50 global retailing chains are set to open approximately 3,000 stores in India in the next six months.

3. H&M has already achieved a turnover of USD 75 million in their first year and turned profitable from only 12 stores. They expect to open another 50 stores in next 2 years. Zara is at about USD 140 million, M&S at about USD 120 million and seem to be changing strategies to achieve a better growth like H&M.

There will be some more seminars and panel discussions at the show details of which will be released very soon. The organizers have kept the entry through invitation only and to get the invitation, buyers need to register here. For any query, you can reach the organizers here.

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