Because it’s summer and because it’s Saturday – let’s have a good laugh with this funny “borrowed-from-Cosmopolitan” video!

People all the time “borrow” my ideas, so I guess its fair enough for me to borrow as well and share with our readers!

It’s all about denim on denim on denim these days. There’s denim with ALL OF THE zippers, the jean dress with pockets on the bottom and even the skirted jean. Yes, you read that right. Who knew there were so many variations out there just waiting to be worn?!

In order to put some of the crazier styles to the test, had five women try out the craziest denim of 2017, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Featured denim:

VETEMENTS x Levis Reworked Zip Denim

6397 2 Jeans Dress – already featured here @Denimology!

R13 Double Classic Skirted Jeans