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Sofia Richie in Pinstriped Denim Overalls

Sofia Richie in Pinstriped Denim Overalls

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Sofia Richie did not go unnoticed by fans and tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, when she arrived to the premiere of Valerian in Los Angeles. She made her way into the TCL Chinese Theater in a bold Puma jacket and slouchy overalls.

And weird, she wore her overalls OVER the Puma jacket…. funny how hard some people try to get noticed…. We are totally open to any newness and especially any new styling, but this one is just – uncool, trying too hard, look-at-me-by-all-means!

Sofia accessorized with a pair of Topshop Sock Boots and the Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Mini Backpack.

We think that the overall look of the whole ensemble is way to bulky and slouchy and … anyway, we’ve seen Sofia looking way better tons of times before.

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