laser wash denim

Under the title “Hot Washes & Artsy Surfaces”, Brazilian denim specialist, VICUNHA TEXTIL, has summarised the hottest new trends in washes and effects for next year’s winter 2018/19 season.

These new washes and special effects are about rise to freedom of expression thanks to further improved and adapted processes using the latest technology. Conventional washes are being deconstructed and upgraded. Techniques such as nebulisation, which is based on the “cloud effect principle”, are increasing the scope of possibilities and opening up whole new worlds of effect variations.

The results depend on several factors such as the quantity and type of product and the duration and intensity of the application. Freehand is therefore taking on a whole new dimension. Lasers, patches, and colors are being used in different sizes with the most diverse procedures and accentuating this season’s cool, authentic looks.

Irregular dyes with a high or low contrast are still playing a dominant role when it comes to denim.

The prevailing vintage denim looks timeless and continues being a very trendy option.

Aesthetic effects such as 3D or stitch marks remain important. Cord finishing, ribbing, sanding and freehand embroidery complement and convey the DIY feel in the best possible handmade style.