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And More Weird Jeans – Continued! ASOS

And More Weird Jeans – Continued! ASOS

Oh man, 2017 certainly turns out to be the Year of the Weird Denim Trends. Wonder how they will feel in like 20 years from now, when they’re trending a flashback to the ’17’s LOL!

This time we are calling your attention to the ASOS’ Jaded London Festival Chaps.

Available in a true blue wash with a chunky belt that keeps the chaps fastened in place. The studded chaps hug the legs and taper into a straight leg. As for what’s happening with the booty, they have a cut-out butt, because why not?

Now, the main question – mystery – how to wear these chaps? Wear them over some fishnets? Leggings? Or like the model on the ASOS website, over another pair of jeans? And if so, I mean they are called “Festival” jeans, so how are you supposed to do at a festival?

Think about attempting to unbuckle your double pair of jeans in a “Porta-Potty” while trying to breathe in the noxious environment at the same time…. Hello ASOS?!