Bangladesh BAE event

With its endeavor to promote the apparel industry of Bangladesh through reducing the knowledge gap, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) launched its knowledge workshop series today (29 July 2017).

The country’s sole private apparel sector promoter organized the first workshop of the series in the capital today on “How to Build Your Own Apparel Brand and Directly Address European &US consumers”.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Mohiuddin Rubel, Managing Director of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) gave a presentation on BAE and its initiatives. Commenting on the objective of the workshop, the Founder and CEO of the BAE Mostafiz Uddin, who himself conducted the 2-hour long session, said that the aim of the seminar was to disseminate the knowledge on how to develop the next growth strategy of the country’s apparel sector by designing locally owned international brands and selling directly to Western consumers.

Mr. Mostafiz who has to his credit first ever “Made in Bangladesh” manufacturer-owned denim brand exporting to and selling in Europe since 1999, further said that if Bangladesh could create its own brands and consequently grow the margins by utilizing the strength and intelligence of the local business, its impact on the country’s economy will be huge.

A total of 200 participants, consisting of apparel manufacturers and top officials of different garment factories attended the seminar.

On the same day the BAE has announced the second workshop of the knowledge series entitled “MAKING BEST JOURNEY TO APPAREL TRADE FAIRS” to be organized on 23 September 2017. This workshop will highlight exploring the opportunities tradeshows offer and gaining the know-how of reaping business benefits from trade fair participation.

The BAE founder Mostafiz Uddin who is also the founder of internationally acclaimed Bangladesh Denim Expo and who has been exhibiting and visiting between 16 and 20 international apparel trade fairs a year for the last 10 years, will share his experiences with the workshop participants.