suede jackets

This time of the year we unfortunately have to start facing the cold truth: fall is definitely coming, and soon. Le Sigh.

Nothing we can do about it except maybe win the lottery and buy some sunny island.

A more rea$onable option would be to think positive and prepare for the colder season. Buy something that will keep us warm like right now when it’s a rainy day, and later on for the first cooler fall days.

BLANKNYC – on their way to become quite popular for their amazing jackets as well as for their denim – just launched their newest suede jacket, which is available now on their website for $198, no kidding! And yes, it is made of soft 100% leather (suede) and comes in six different colors, see below.

We are all obsessing with this jacket and our biggest problem right now is which color to choose. Check them out  and all of the sudden fall doesn’t sound so bad anymore, right! 😉

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