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Demi Lovato in Distressed Black Double Denim

Demi Lovato in Distressed Black Double Denim

Canadian tuxedo

Demi Lovato was sporting an all black and distressed double denim outfit, enjoying a day off in LA.

Cool – her outfit, with all mandatory trends: distressed, cropped, frayed hems, knee rips,and relaxed! Even her Havaianas are black and this time I am not going to badmouth the slippers worn with a complete outfit! 😉 Somehow, it all fits together, even including the white plastic supermarket bag instead of a mandatory designer bag! You’re approved, Demi!

Black denim-on-denim looks – I see them all over the NYC and LA “globes” these coming colder seasons and can’t wait to write about them. Definitely I am one of the black DD (double denim) addicts, to the point of being obsessed – I have been for years. I prefer the black to the blue DD outfits. The all blue ones having become kind of “seen everywhere, been there done that”!

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