rigid jeans

Gigi Hadid was actually this time dressed “normally”! I mean, kinda – for her! No weird jeans this time! On the contrary, her denim uniform of jeans+tee actually looked super cool because she dressed them up with incredibly pointy bright red mules. But of course, completely “normal” would be expecting too much: read more below!

She completed her look with a white loose-fitting baby-tee and – oh well – here we go! – a mink handbag from Fendi – there HAD to be SOMEthing unusual, or maybe not thaat usual, thingie in her outfit. She wouldn’t be Gigi otherwise, don’t you agree?

Gigi’s cropped and rigid jeans are totally trendy, with slight distressing and a very “naturally” frayed hem. They are a mid-rise style and feature the mandatory button-fly.

You can buy similar rigid jeans from Frame, at Urban Outfitters, and super cool ones from RE/DONE.

cropped jeans