Nah – at first glimpse – Iggy Azalea looked like a blonde version of Kim Kardashian to me, thanks, but no thanks. I don’t get why certain ladies think it’s so sexy to flaunt their silicone filled derrieres in super skintight stretchy jeggings. No, I am not confirming anything, as I do not have the facts, but honestly, have you ever really seen “natural” butts like these?

Iggy wore a pair of high rise jeggings, a super tight fitting navy blue striped bodysuit, and finished off her look with extremely high nude platform sandals.  Every single item in her outfit might be cool dressed differently, and, most of all, separately. But all of these together in one single outfit, ughhhh – gimme a break!

Iggy is such a beautiful, well proportioned lady, and she has the perfect tiny waist and shapely long legs, so why not dress in something more, let’s say – classy – like some straight leg jeans, or even wide legs.

You can shop for jeggings here, but please pair them with some oversized tops, like a sexy silk button down or any large t-shirt!

And skip those platforms, wear a pair of platform sneakers, or booties instead.


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