denim women

When Sir John and Joan Smalls get together, beautiful makeup is almost guaranteed.

The supermodel’s face made for the perfect canvas for the makeup artist and L’Oréal spokesperson, who also works with Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Gabrielle Union and Ashley Graham. Recently, the American Beauty Star mentor painted blue liner on Joan’s top and bottom lids, titling his work, “Denim Liner”. As we’re prepping our denim wardrobe for fall, this makeup trend came at the perfect time.

The pigment, matched to the model’s I’m-not-even-trying-and-I’m-still-killin’-it stare, would make anyone pause their timeline scroll. Her eyes pop. Her face is flawless yet appears natural. Her pink lips support the rest of her look with ease. It’s perfect for every occasion, thus making it the trend to watch as summer comes to a close.

(courtesy: enews)