hi-rise jeans

Kourtney Kardashian was out in Los Angeles on her way to church, looking a bit, well, pensive…. all these rumors about some other kiddie model hanging with her boy-toy boyfriend, oh well! 🙁

She was actually dressed very “decently” in a pair of hi-rise distressed and ripped jeans in an ankle length and a – get this! A LONG sleeve buttoned-up blue and white striped dress shirt with white cuffs. No Kardashian “assets” shown here lol! Oh, this is was for the occasion of being off to some church, according to some gossip mongers.

Kourtney accessorized with a pair of black strap sandals and the classic Prada Vela backpack. Check out how Kourtney added a silver chain to her backpack and wore it as a cross-body back rather than as a backpack – cool, right!

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rigid jeans