We all made sartorial mistakes in our days, but it looks like we haven’t quite learned from the errors of our ways. Liquor N Poker is dredging it all up though by selling a denim skirt over jeans, available now at ASOS. We’re getting some serious flashbacks to the 2000’s here!

The jeans skirt hybrid features a medium blue wash denim combination of both a skirt and a pair of jeans, smothered in pearls and complete with frayed hems and (un-)strategically placed rips.

So if this fashion disaster wasn’t already enough, at least the embellishments will catch people’s eyes.

The only positive to the jeans skirt hybrid, which was designed by Liquor N Poker, who have been described as a brand who aren’t ‘afraid to take a risk’ (which is pretty obvious), is that it has fully-functioning pockets. 😉

You can check out and/or buy this combination skirt/jean creation for $62 here.

Oh, and while we’re going hybrid, you can also find a very similar skirt/jean combi for like ten times as much, $695, but minus the pearl stitching, from R13 (image beow) – what do you think? 😉 Do it like Gigi Hadid?