low-rise jeans

Lucy Hale was out in Vancouver, wearing a pair of black low rise jeans and a cute and feminine white shirt.

Her skinny jeans are slightly distressed, the wash is rather a clean black, but they do feature knee holes and a frayed hem.

It’s really happening, more and more folks are opting for low-rise jeans. I am not saying that the hi-rise style will be “outdated” anytime soon. I prefer to think in terms of “parallel” styles, hi- and low-rise and anything in between. I never believed in letting fashion dictate me what to wear, but it used to be very difficult, for instance, to find cool rigid jeans when everybody was doing skinny jeggings!

Lucy’s shirt is pretty cute with the tied-up front and the rose embroidery. We found a very similar white embroidered shirt here.

You can buy skinny low rise jeans here and here.

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