ripped jeans

Megan Fox totally knows how to make the denim uniform of jeans/tee look absolutely stunning!

She paired her skinny ripped jeans with high wedge sandals and wore her white t-shirt tucked into the jeans. Tucking in your tee as opposed to letting it hang halfway out, looks so much more sexy and edgy, especially when you add a belt to accentuate your waistline.
I think wearing your t-shirt kind of slouchy, halfway in, halfway out, is so overdone and common… it used to be considered edgy a few years ago, when the trend first started.

Megan wore her jeans cuffed – also another look we haven’t seen in a while what with fashion RN being all about cropped and frayed hems.

You can buy skinny ripped jeans here and here. I actually have two pairs of skinny + ripped jeans that I wear A LOT: the Urban Outfitter’s BDG, and the BLANKNYC skinny, which is my staple in many different washes.

distressed jeans