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Soorty’s ongoing dedication to drive the denim industry forward while making a positive impact is reflected by the manufacturer’s innovative journey towards the production of sustainable denim. Their constant quest to explore new frontiers of the industry leads the way in the development of unique and advanced textiles that preserve the aesthetics of the final product while having a positive impact on the earth.

The company’s Eco-friendly philosophy is shown in the actualization of conscious and environmentally friendly technologies throughout all steps of the manufacturing process. Its vertical integration enables Soorty to holistically approach denim manufacturing and implement every phase of the garment’s life-cycle with minimal Eco-system impact in mind, bringing their vision towards a circular economy to life. In order to fully recycle, Soorty has closed the loop by launching a recycling plant with the capacity to process pre- and post-consumer spinning waste, denim waste, and garment waste into authentic open-end denim yarns. Together we share responsibility for the earth its well-being and the industry leading denim manufacturer takes great pride in prolonging the average life cycle of denim.

Being green from raw fiber to afterlife of the garment has created the opportunity for Soorty to reflect its positive footprint within several technologies. The Zero Waste Water Blue capsule collection for instance is a milestone for the denim industry due to its exceptional water saving. The constant quest to innovate has led Soorty to recently expand their global portfolio with a LEED certified “Gold rated” factory located in Bangladesh, being recourse efficient while focusing on the improvement of sustainability issues. Also, Soorty established NASDALAB, a Development Center in Chorlu, Turkey. This innovation hub extends Soorty’s eco-friendly philosophy by, among other technologies, valuing garments instead of treating them as interchangeable. Always consider repairing before replacing. Repair, reuse, and relove.”

We, @Denimology totally adopt this fantastic slogan: Repair – Reuse – Relove and hope that you all will do the same. Guys – it’s about being trendy and fashionable – this is what it is all about: rip+repair your jeans and (re)love them over and over! 🙂

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