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JNCO, short for “Judge None Choose One”, is a Los Angeles, California based clothing company specializing in women’s and men’s jeans.

With its roots established in 1985, the JNCO brand catapulted from a Los Angeles cult brand to global recognition in the 1990’s through its groundbreaking denim line. Non-conformist, innovative and truly original, JNCO immersed itself in the skate, music and art counterculture that was undoubtedly Southern California. What emerged was more than a brand – JNCO defined a way of life that pushed the limits, encouraged creativity and championed individuality creating the original lifestyle brand that became the foundation of the 90’s youth generation.

Presently, JNCO is guided by its main principle: “Challenge conventionalism. Explore the unfamiliar. Honor individuality.” Through this platform, JNCO aspires to bring together the chosen ones – a multitude of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for culture, sports and the arts, on a collective journey that will strengthen their position as the leaders of today’s society.

Propelled by its profound objective, JNCO aims to place itself at the forefront of street fashion by providing today’s youth with well-curated collections that utilize a strong, forward-thinking vision with denim at its core. By gathering influences from the world of sports, music and high fashion, JNCO is pushing boundaries once again while staying true to the street/skate culture that is deeply rooted in its DNA. Through the use of experimental fits, cutting-edge techniques and application of fresh, unconventional fabrications, JNCO sets to defy the rules of street wear and re-establish a brand and aesthetic that is purely in a class of its own.

You can shop for JNCO jeans on their website, at Etsy, and at Bonanza.

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  1. Hello, Lisette? Is that you? Because this “article” sounded more like a trifold brochure or a website “About Us” web page.

    JNCO, O No. I was in college when the high school young-uns started wearing these jeans with leg openings as wide as the waist. Groundbreaking, yes. Cool, kinda. Good looking, NOT.

    • hahahahaha you caught me here:-) that was exactly what the brand had sent me, and I couldn’t say anything else because I don’t know the jeans, never saw them, and therefore I can’t say anything LOL So just for you to know when I say something I mean it and I know what I am talking about !!! 🙂

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