I am all about zippers. Zippers on the legs, on back-pockets, on the side of the jeans, at the ankles… you name it and I want it LOL.

One of the biggest assets of ankle zippers, especially, is, that you can leave them un-zipped, half-zipped, depending on what mood you are in and what shoes you are wearing. Let me play at being a bit of a psychologist here too: totally open zipper = I am open, please talk to me. Half closed zipper = let me see if I want to talk to you, and of course, you got it – a totally zipped up zipper = don’t even think about talking to me!

(think I am exaggerating?)

And as I am absolutely convinced that I have tons of “zipper soulmates” out there, I went an searched for some new zipper jeans.

Which one “talks” to you and which one is “no way” for you? You can leave a comment below this pot – I am really curious about what you think:-)

bootcut jeans
3×1 W25 Zipper Crop Micro-Bootcut
RE/DONE High Rise Ankle Zip Jeans
Nili Lotan Jackson Ankle Zip Jeans
Mavi Jeans Serenity Zip Detailed Skinny Ankle
boyfriend jeans
James Jeans Dylan Ankle Zip Boyfriend Jeans
cropped skinny jeans
Noisy May Ankle Zip Jeans
DSQUARED2 Distressed Jeans with Zipped Ankles