The Greensboro Cultural Center will host 50 Shades of Blue, an exhibit featuring more than 80 pieces of art using repurposed denim donated by Greensboro-based denim maker Wrangler. Much of the denim was produced by Cone Denim’s White Oak plant located in Greensboro. The exhibit, which opened August 14, 2017,  includes visual art, decorative art, wearables, sculptural pieces, accessories, and creations that defy description.

An opening reception will take place on Friday, August 18, 2017, offering the public an opportunity to meet many of the 27 artists and craftspeople participating in the show.

“This is one of the most unique and extensive exhibits we’ve had at the Cultural Center. I especially like that it celebrates the textile history of Greensboro and showcases the creativity and inspiration of so many talented Greensboro artists,” says Josh Sherrick, Arts and Events Superintendent for the City of Greensboro.

Wrangler provided the denim used in the exhibit from leftover sample fabrics. Reducing waste is animportant part of Wrangler’s sustainability program. Similar reuse projects include denim scrap that wasrecently converted into home insulation for a rebuild project in Lumberton, North Carolina. Leftover denimalso became the bedding material for a dog bed project co-sponsored with a local Alamance County GirlScout Troop earlier this year.

“In our Greensboro facility, our daily responsibility is to run test fabrics with new and improved washformulations to create the desired appearance,” said Steve Wyrick, Wrangler’s wet processing manager.“Typically, the test fabrics, sometimes called leg panels or filler panels, don’t have a useful life after weare finished with them. We’re glad to see the denim used in these creative ways, as we continue to findnew ways to recycle, up-cycle and find new uses for the denim and fabrics we test.”

As part of the 50 Shades of Blue exhibit, the Greensboro Cultural Center also will host an interactive-activity during the National Folk Festival. Visitors of all ages are invited to help decorate denim tote bags that will be donated to the Urban Ministries Food Bank, for use to carry donated food back home.

50 Shades of Blue is a collaboration of the Greensboro Cultural Center, Wrangler, Arts Greensboro, the National Folk Festival, and the artists who have re-imagined denim and used it in the creations on display. The exhibit closes in mid-October.

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