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Alessandra Ambrosio and her mini-me adorable daughter, Anja, are the new faces of the Jordache women’s and girls’ collections, respectively, and they’re the first mother-daughter duo to be photographed in one of the brand’s campaigns.

For the brand’s 40th anniversary, Jordache tapped supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and her 9-year-old daughter Anja Mazur as the new faces of the line. Liz Berlinger, the president of Jordache, explained that the brand wanted to highlight the stretchiness of the denim and history of self-expression in the campaign and they could not have found a better duo.

Berlinger says the duo perfectly embodies that woman. “This beautiful mother-daughter duo reflects the iconic Jordache look: vibrant, playful and fun in a multi-generational way,” said Berlinger. “Together, they represent not only one of the hottest faces in fashion but also the next generation of fashion.”

The campaign, art directed by PSA Creative, will launch in mid-September across print, digital, social, outdoor, and in-store channels.

You can buy Jordache jeans on their website, and at Lord & Taylor.

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