torn jeans

Charlotte McKinney was definitely a sight for our sore eyes as she was out at Craig’s in West Hollywood!

And we thought we have seen it all – ripped, knee holes, butt rips, triple ad quadruple rips LOL!

But we sure haven’s seen any “sliced” jeans before – or have you? Think we have to add a new #slicedjeans_ (I just did)? Like sliced cold cuts, or sliced bread?

Oh well, but be it as weird as it is, Charlotte looked absolutely stunning and beautiful in her sliced babies, which she wore with a black bodysuit from LPA, a real cool number with a zipper along the front.

Charlotte kept her outfit stark and let the denim speak for itself, just adding a pair of black pointy pumps and big hoop earrings. We totally love that she didn’t over-style her outfit, as it looks pretty cool the way it is.

I haven’t found any ready made sliced jeans, but if you have Victoria Secret model legs like Charlotte, go for it, just take a pair of your old jeans, a knife, and you’re ready to slice!

And if you are not the DIY kind of person, you can find some very reasonably priced jeans here, so there won’t be much damage to do – just in case!

Advice: don’t try to do this with super skinnies, go for a straight leg or slim boyfriend style, like Charlotte.

sliced jeans