denim cut-offs

One thing I admire about Hilary Duff’s outfits is that she isn’t the slightest bit concerned about styling, or how the clothes look on her, or even – like right here – to show her bumps and cellulite for all to see!

It takes a lot of confidence and self-assurance to just go ahead and wear whatever you like and however you like it, and the hell with who doesn’t approve. I personally am EXACTLY like this. My slogan is: if you don’t like the way I look, don’t look at me! 😉

So, Hilary was out in LA with her son, Lucas, wearing a pair of frayed hem tiny denim shorts, actually qualifying for daisy dukes. She paired them with a black Forever 21 Piano sweatshirt and red Adidas Adilette slide sandals.

You can buy denim shorts here and here . Hint: think about the coming colder seasons and that you might want to wear some colored leggings or printed tights layered underneath, so boyfriend shorts or baggier cut-offs would be a better choice.

denim shorts


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