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Indigo People collaborates with traditional weaver communities in Asian countries where hand looming and indigo dyeing have been practiced for generations. Each community has its own specialized handcraft technique that has a long tradition. Ikat weaving and mud resist printing are the most authentic manual techniques that are used by our artisans. These production methods result in little imperfections that give each product a unique appearance.

The Ikat weaving technique is a resist dyeing process applied on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. It starts by binding the designed pattern on the weaving yarns with tight wrapping. After repeatedly dipped the bound yarns in natural indigo to reach the dark blue colour, the bindings are then removed to create the pattern directly on the handloom. The Ikat program can be split into the sub programs of ‘handspun yarns’ and ‘machine spun yarns’. The raw cotton of the handspun yarns gives the scarves an authentic harsh hand feel. The scarves will gain softness by wearing. The machine spun yarns have a soft touch from the beginning and give more wear comfort to the scarves. The Misho, Kori and Naga scarf are made from a blend of cotton and rayon yarns. The rayon yarns give a silky softness to the scarves.

Mud Resist Printing:
The mud resist printing technique is a very old and authentic printing method from India. Mud printing is a resist dyeing process applied to the finished textile, using the block print or screen print method. A mixture of mud and tree gum is printed on the fabric using a handmade wooden block or a silk screen. The mud resists dye during the indigo dipping. Once the mud is removed after the dyeing, the printed area remains its original base color.

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denim accessories